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Been planning for my europe trip for a year, and now is just on the corner, im PSYCHED! Europe trip has always been my after graduation to do list. And i glad that i manage to include it before i turn 30 years old.

With the excitment of the trip, i love the process of gearing up, Luggage bag, jackets, shoes, scarf etc.. The first thing went through my mind have to be my shoes.

Sneaker_Europe_trip_nike_Air_Max_2011_ 001
A sneaker freak i am, deciding a shoes to rock on the trip have to be my favourite thing to do.

From past europe experience, on the month of September is the tricky one. Hooping country to country on a wet weather, im not gonna make the same mistake again. The mistake were rocking a mesh running shoe in a wet Manchester weather. A wet and soaking runners around the day gave me a new defination of cold feet!

Sneaker_Europe_trip_nike_Air_Max_2011_ 003
This time round, i had short listed the Nike Air Max 2011. Am looking for an all-day walking / all weather / full heel support / dope shoe. I believe the full 360 air unit system gonna provide me the full comfy support on my feets and break some neck along. hehehe

Sneaker_Europe_trip_nike_Air_Max_2011_ 002
No repeating the same mistake, this time im going for a more solid leather upper. Tip: aviod any mesh, suede, canvas upper materials. It might be a lighter material, but it also accumulate water, and the last thing you want is a wet socks on your trip.

Sneaker_Europe_trip_nike_Air_Max_2011_ 004
Overall, i reckon the AM2011 is a solid bet for my comfort. With the Harimau Muda colorwave, im save to say that im good to go on my feets.

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*pandaaa said...

Looks like a nice pair of shoes ;) Looks comfortable. Have a safe and happy trip Yik! <3