The Gunner Visits

Here you go, what's went down when the Gunners boys came visiting.

This is a big moment for me, handling an european elite athlete. In my Sports marketing bible, it stated "any professional level of athlete must be treated in the same manner". It doesn't matter you're on the top of the game or an under 17 athlete, there's only one way to handle an athlete which is professionally.

I were lucky enough to handle 4 Arsenal players, Theo Wilcott, Alex Song, Wojciech Szczęsny and my personal favourite Jack Wilshere.

It interest me that, all 4 of them are relatively similar to my boys. They're all naughty.

Alex Song is my personally favourite, he is always on his Beats headpone dancing on his tunes, making fun of Theo as he is the shy & serious type.

Wojciech is a man on his own level, level of height i meant. The tall lengthy goalkeeper is the future for the team and he knows it. He is leader in this group, always leading the charge as i guess it came from being a goalkeeper.

In the other hand, Jack is the smart one. Media savvy as he is always dropping the key message when he's with the media. Always on the go with his twitter. It is nice to see athlete knows how to sell themselve.

On the side track, i met my sports marketing counterpart from London. Exchange stories on both country were refreshing. Specially the Barca-Fabregas saga were the main highlights. The similarity of handling Fabregas & my own Safiq Rahim. I can seat the whole day talk about sports marketing. I always wonder how it like to run a bigger marketing like London? To my surprise, it is relatively similar in some ways.

Like human potential itself, there is no finish line.











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