ReUse A Shoe

I always believe a better world starts with sport. An organisation dedicated to give it back to the world.

Like human potential itself, there is no finish line. The end product doesn't end there, what's the after life on a pair of shoe. It is as simple as recycled to another product.

Nike Grind - ReUse a Shoe Campaign grind all used shoes to make raw materials for athletic surfaces.

Yeap is that simple, a pair of shoe will divided to 3 part: Rubber from the outsoles, fabric from the uppers, and foam from the mid soles.

Shoe tear it down to the different part, then grind it up to make raw material for 3 different athletic surfaces (Running track, Basketball court & Tennis court).

Watch the video to see your kicks lifecycle.

Be a part of building a better world through sport.

Our small contribution to #NikeBetterWorld , used shoe's parts & boxes turning into a common journey board. A daily motivation / inspiration message board, the team keep each other motivated with inspirational messages.

The goal is one day to have all Nike product made by 100% recycled materials.

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