Oh Bali Our Second Home!

I have been slacking off lately, still in the holiday mood. *Sorry*
So this year i have been a little playful, holiday trip after trip. My new mission in life is "Work hard & Holiday hard"

As for the last month, Average himself have been doing back to back Beach holidays. 1st up was my favourite place in the whole World BALI. Surfing for the whole trip was definite my idea. Then follow by our Most Anticipated Annual Average Beach Trip at Tenggul Island. "Nothing can top that"

I have been to Bali couple of time, but this time i decided to go with my oldies group. As you remeber, last year we headed down to Angkor Wat. So this year they decided to do a Beach trip, & Bali pop up. How can i say no to BALI?

This time around we did it big! We stayed in this "Not so Average" Resort, matter as fact we go for the best 1 at Seminyak.
It is a 3 rooms town resort come with your own pool, kitchen, audio system, LCD in all rooms, open concept toilet, and even your own butler / cook in the morning.
Joe proudly present you Willy Villa.

Excise me for playing with some Lomo colour..

The toilet

Night Time

Lights off

Lights on

As usual, im all alone Joe in Bali. Stayed in the most romantic resort with 3 lovely dupely couple. But hey all i need is my board & wave.

Surfer Dudes!

Donald surf too..

Headed down to Kuta Beach where you'll encounter the busiest paparazzi around selling things that you will never buy. But Kuta provides the nicest waves around.

Cross over to Freedom!!

Dinner time, never miss Restaurant Ultimo at Seminyak Street. Lovely dine in. Joe recommended

Perfect for a Wedding function. Interesting huh?

Thanks Ms. MY for some of her shots..

"Definitely So Average"

More pictures coming up soon..

Posted by Average himself


Unknown said...

OMGness!! If I win the lottery am soo getting one of these villas or something better than this in Bali for sure!!
This reminds me,I have to go read your friend's entry on this trip at EatnPlay.


Average Joe's said...

haha.. dopest & illest resort i ever stayed..

Please go to http://www.eatnplay.com.my/?p=4069 for more details on the Willy villa.. im goin again on November.. interested tish?

Unknown said...

Don't TEMPT me Yik!!

QueenSLeen said...

wowww ... villa looks good!

yeah wanna see those tenggol pics as well!