A Season in Summer

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Have you ever wonder how do people dress during Summer Season?
The answer lies within the Average Joe, specially our own Ms. Ally. Now she have unleash the secret towards people on the tube. Looking funky & cute is her middle name, Mashing around high waisted skirt with hot vibrant blouse plus a touch of elegant on the topping, thats her specialty!

Joe proudly present you: A Season in Summer

We Average Joe are NO genius on Fashion, nor big fancy words, nor computer savvy, nor stylist, but when it come to anything regarding Sun, Beach & Summer, We are proudly to say We Are Number 1 at it. Please do support the lovely / our own Ms. Ally & Co. on their new venture.. Stay tune for daily summer updates..

Posted by: The BrokenHeart


EVo said...

Banyaknyer ini blog shops. how to patronize all? the owners r all equally as hot @.@

Average Joe's said...

Ini u gotta support la.. is Average Joe own baby! Support Ms.Ally.. Tell u gf & chickies yea..

THanks to my loyal Average Evo!