I Believe in Amanda Choe

VOTE FOR OUR OWN AVERAGE JOE'S Amanda Choe in the race to be The Most Wanted Ruumates by RUUMZ.
I dont know whats the point of this competition.. *Awareness i guess*
But we always support our own Average Joe in everything..

Average Joe Believe in Amanda Choe Vote Banner..
inspiration from Harvey Dent for District Attorney Banner

To Vote: Real easy, 1st sign up for Ruumz then just click on the above icon to VOTE

Ruumz is like another platform for social networking, just like facebook. Do i need another 1 of this, to VOTE Amanda Choe *I DO*

Posted by: Average himself


*pandaaa said...

Thanks hunn. The photo is ACE! =) Love that you took time out of your day for this.

Average Joe's said...

For u.. everything is fine.. btw i want the TV

EVo said...

Now this is what i call support! go Joe!

Ben said...