Nike Test 2: Nike Neoprene

Nike Test 2: Nike Neoprene

As you all know Our Annual Average Beach Trip is tomorrow, so we decided to test on something that we Joe's are familiar with. *Beach Wear*

We have been looking for a good beach use shoe for ages, is either it is to cheap in material or just simple black with ugly structure..

Sorry we are just using it for volley ball, beach soccer & avoiding Sea urchin, LatinoHeat had the worst time last Beach trip when he step into 1. So is about time to investing 1.

Nike Neoprene, i just felt in love when i 1st saw it. Great colourwave, Blue soles, grey base & purple liner with a flash of fluorescent strap. And don't forget the Classic ACG logo *DAMN*

This Neoprene comes with a unique attributes of the upper strap to give us an extra support. Specially when you're swimming with it, your scandal won't flew out when you start kicking. And with a more compact soles surrounding around it, it looks like it will last a long period of time. Durability *Check*

This new range of ACG gears come with a special educational shoe paper, remember those shoe paper where they wrap around the shoe. They have some interesting info, enlightening us little about the ACG technologoy.

Different type of insoles..

Different code of rubber for the sole.. As you can see the Neoprene is 0.44 sticky rubber..

Review back on Tuesday..

This is So Average..

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