Average Maya

Okay i noe im little late posting on this.. but i have to do it.. cant stop thinking bout it..

This is wat went down on my bday week..

i bet wen i say Hotel Maya.. Every1 thinks thats a place u park ur car when ever u head down to Zouk..
Theres more then just a parking area definitely..

So this is the run down.. Maya is a Boutique Hotel hotel.. which inspired with some exotic environment design.. everywhere around the hotel is finished with bamboo paneling, a pathway over the flowing water and elegant furnishings which create an ambience that is both contemporary and compelling.

Okay this is not my 1st time stay here.. but this stay is doubleiii special.. cos this is 1 of my awesome birthday presents from the important people in my life.. Thank you soon much LatinoHeat, Ms. Ally & Pretty boy for the Best bday EVER..

So the Average Joe got one of those Executive Suite.. This time we have the luxury to really enjoy the room.. cos the last me & LatinoHeat were on a job.. Basically we're just there to sleep.. wat a waste.. So hell yea.. We're so gonna enjoy this time..

The first though went thru my mind wen i look at the big ass bed is: Damn.. after drinking in Zouk.. my bed is just across the road.. Hell yea..

TV area

This is wat i call a perfect TV set.. wif a coffee machine on the side..

Sliding laptop table come with wireless & a Bose speaker.. Now thats an Office area..

The Toilet gotta be my favvy thing in the room.. the shower area is company with some bamboo panelling without any door.. yea yea i was basically showering openly while Ms. Pak Sek is doing her make up next to me..
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LatinoHeat spreading some Average joy on the Bamboo panelling shower.. Wicked!!!

Just love the Maya Mat.. Saturday Bday at Maya..

Far view of the pool.. i bet u never noe the pool is just up at the parking entrance huh..

Hydrotherapy pool.. illest pool ill say.. Bubberly water all around the pool..me & Ms. Leanne cant even stand straight..

The only problem we face or the whole nite is: sharing toilet with Ms.Pak Sek & Ms.Leane..

They take forever.. cant blame them to look good for my special day...

Get lil bored waiting for them to get ready.. took some pic of the glass..

Cant complain much.. Best bday Ever.. Thanks guys.. THIS DEFINITELY SO AVERAGE

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Anonymous said...

I'm gona stay at maya next time i take d night out at KL joe! :D