Another year passed.. another year old.. i cant blieve myself the year 2008 just end like a flash light pass by.. All those countless Average BBQ & Average road trip.. We're just talking bout it the other day.. 2008 Average Joe really out do ourself.. So much happening.. i cant even rmb.. "Highlight " of the Year gotta go to our own LatinoHeat's Average BBQ Bash, Pretty Boy's Poolside Party & Ms. Ally's Surprise Bday bash..


For my big day.. Average himself gotta do a little Elcerdo.. "The pork Heaven".. The much talk bout Elcerdo is my personal favvy dine-in place.. So some piglet, pork knuckle & a bottle of red wine.. perfect birthday dinner..

The famous plate breaking ritual is definitely an eye opener..
U can see my Pak Sek looking all tension wif his holding the plate.. ahaha

So the ritual from Spain is: To see how crispy is the piglet skin.. u hav to use a plate to chop it.. The lucky 1 which is none other then our own Pretty boy.. he gets the honor to choice Relationship OR Money!!! Then by throwing the plate is a ritual for making the dream come true..

Now my Birthday Wish.. hehehe.. Yea yea i "wish for more Frogskins this Year"

Average himself wanna thanks LatinoHeat, Ms. Ally & Pretty boy for making this happen.. & the rest for joining me..
Picture time..

My favvy MJ

Ms. Pak Sek & Ms. Cerry

Princess of the day

Average himself with Pretty boy

Dinner was great.. but we hav to head to Phuture.. As Pretty boy & latinoheat put us up to a private room at Zouk.. Average style.. Dance Dance Dance..

Ms. Ally x LatinoHeat x Ms. PPPrincess

Tat tat x Jay-C x Ms. Ash

Average himself with Ms. Leanne

With Benji

Average Joe's Ever Beautiful Girls

Average himself x Smooch Jubes

Jigga man come all the way from Land of Seafood for this.. Wicked!!!

Benji x Ms. Pak Sek Oops

DJ Mini man x Ms. Cerry

Lil Jon x Ms. Wendy

DJ mini man

Pretty boy x Ms.Pak Sek

My Pak Sek x Ms. Leanne

BrokenHeart Part 2.. Coming up..
This is the sneak peak on our Average Joe side project..
BrokenHeart x LatinoHeat
On the nite.. every1 came with their big guns.. Hats off to LatinoHeat outfit.. blue shirt with a vintage washed fitted grey pants accompany with a suspender & finish with a classic vintage converse.. SUCIADE

At a certain point.. every1 r hittin on LatinoHeat's suspender..

Thanks for coming guys..


Average himself x DJ mini man

Benji & LatinoHeat

DJ Mini Man meet Pak Sek

No manners Leanne..

Overall.. i wish that theres more for 2009.. U will never stop the Average Joe

Posted by: Average himself


Amir Omar said...

Yes,more frogskins for everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Average Joe's said...

amen for that memer.. We been frogskined!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello yikjoe!i'd like to invite u for cny yeesang+dinner this friday at 7.30pm at restoran janbo,jln puchong (near kinrara / 5 mins frm old klang road).it's mostly bloggers n ur welcome to call ur frens / blogger gang who r interested =) spread the word n let me know..i'll get back2u on the $$ soon. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Btw get me at # 0122015279 yo.

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