I Wonder

BrokenHeart Sheng.. Have u wonder hows thing getting down wif me.. not the best ill say.. specially missed the Sunday Average roasted chicken lunch with a movie.. but anyways i hitted it down myself..

So this week.. I decided to go for Black pepper roasted chicken with some compliment of our specialty Grape salad & not to forget my favvy french loaf.. The only problem is i cant finish it by myself..

As for the movie.. I decided to go with one of my favvy actor Mark Wahlberg.. Max Payne.. Honestly the movie is not wat i aspected.. Lousy & Long draggin story line..hey is a videogame movie.. wat u aspect.. but i gotta say i love how the glistening photography captures the raining snow and the shooting bullets.. & love how the movie is so dark.. really mood the Max Payne's character.. But hey.. always love Mark's movie.. nothing to complain bout Mark using his guns..

Anyhow.. The grass is still Green here.. Take care

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