Average Pangkor

Okay.. finally the pic is out..

Average Joe's head down Pangkor

This trip planned out in 2 days.. the thing is the date we planned to go falls on a long weekend holidays.. thats spice up the difficulties on gettin accommodation.. after some hard work of scouting for a hotels by LatinoHeat & Jay-C.. We finally found a decent budget hotel to stay.. So the plan is on full throttle.. & thats happen on Ms.Pak Sek Chirtmas Party.. Last minute planning is Average Joe's speciatly..

So the plan is 8 of us in 2 different cars.. The journey to Pangkor is not as far as the last Average beach trip we have.. a total 3 hours of good fun music drive..

The Average Crews

Ms. Miao Miao & Pretty boy



Ms. Ally

Tat Kor

Oops not pic of Ms. Ash & lil Joanne

Sunnies shots..

The View from the ferry is just breath taking..

Pink crazy ass taxi.. those driver will just wack their vans every corner..

The Hotel !!! i dun really wanna talk bout it.. but FYI do not go to Coral Bay Hotel.. we have stayed in a cheap budget hotel b4.. but nothing compare to this.. Entrance is like a KTV join.. pool is pack wif school of kids.. Service is like crap.. Did zu Know.. They charge RM5 for everything.. Tower, pillow, tower is RM5 perday each.. even facilities like ping pong table is RM5 rental per hour.. but hey we Average Joe doesnt care much bout things around us.. the company is the most important..

Hey at least we still have the Beach

No 1 can stop the Average Joe in the Beach.. theres just so much things we can amuse our self..

Never forget Gilbert.. this is the last we saw him.. truly tradegy..

One Averagely Awesome trip..

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Anonymous said...

Yo joe! what u guys actually did at pangkor la? ur post like hanging laaa xD

Average Joe's said...

Sorry la bro.. Camera man lacking in developing photo la.. As usual.. We Average Joe gets real excited when comes to beach.. Beach football, volley, float, kites & not to forget sun tanning.. as u noe pangkor no Snorkeling area.. so we have to do the best out of it..

This is just a quick small trip.. big Average Beach trip coming up real soon.. cant cant to go body boarding.. wicked..