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Average Joe Is A

Who says people with brain cant dress.. Think again people..
It all started with a white 10Deep tee & a Red skinnie Jeans with a dress shoe.. All below a hundred dollars.. The mission is to layer as much as we can.. Accessorize

Here at Average Joe.. We're no rocket scientist on fashion, writing, photographic, posing nor computer savvy.. All we do is: if we have an idea flowing.. we just GOOGLE it.. Honestly Google & youtube is ike my daily activities at work or home.. from google on how to use Adobe Illustrator to food recipes.. We Google everything..

Damn.. we're not ur normal 21st century cool people.. we're just some Average boring Marketing & Accounting & Finance people who try to get lil more creative in ur life..

Average Joe Is a Nerd

All we have is an empty clean white bed room wall with natural sunlight & an Iphone camera.. YES.. i use my iphone camera.. still saving $$$ for my Canon G10..

1st victim is our own Average Sheng Sheng.. which leaving us soon to conquer his long waited medical education in Melbourne.. You deserve it..

With Firered Cardigan..

With Vintage Multi colour Plaid shirt

With a Black Suite

With a Nike Metallic Windbreaker

Casual with Puma Yo Bag

So stop making fun of people who are good in their studies.. We are Average Joe

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Nerds roxxxxx!!!

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Average Joe Love Nerds