Accessorize V2.0

Since the last post by Average was fashion-related, I thought I would just continue with it. The key point stressed was : ACCESSORIZE. And I couldn't agree more -with how accessorizing could actually bring out an outfit better. Count on your accessories to complement your outfit, to bring more colours and to spice things up!

Outta the lot of pictures that I scout from the Net on men with accessories, this is my favourite. The accessory here: just a simple silver cuff. By the way, I like his stripey shorts. All-in-all, the ensemble is easy to put up and totally suitable for our weather. Oh, and I like his arms =P

For the collection of pictures above, I like some of it - while the others are nothing much "fashionable" about them. My favourite of the lot is in Mr Kanye! Haha. I sound like Average and his Kanye obsession =P. The Tiffany colourwave sunnies and belt just make the grey/black ensemble (otherwise boring, but then again, boring is not a word that you used to describe a man that beat 50 Cent ass) pop out.Notice the same shade hanky peeping out in his pocket. Lovely!

I absolutely adore the whole suit on man no 2. I have no idea who he is =P. Well, at least I know his suit rox! As for the others, Adam Brody,Adam Levine and Penn Badgley - I think you guys are absolutely hot, but nothing noteworthy about your outfit.

Funny as it seems, it's kinda ironic for a man with suit bringing his skateboard - corporate vs street. Don't you think that the board is gives a nice touch as an accessory?

The last one of the lot, radiates sorta grungy geeky look. I like geek glasses. Check out Facebook pictures where we partied and posed with Pretty's boy geeky glasses in one of TAG nights. So hot! As for scarf, as long as it is made of thin/sheer material, it will be fine to be worn in our country. The belt with huge ass belt buckle, well, just remind me of Average's belt buckles in multi forms. lol

I will end the post with two pictorial guides on how to wear scarves courtesy of Have fun accessorizing people!

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Average Joe's said...

hahahaha... gotta love this post.. definately Kanye outfits is the BEST... just love the grey blazers.. so "BrokenHeart".. hahahaha