Let's Average Out

Ahhh is the end of the year again.. my mood is totally not focus during work.. plus with the combo leave approved for my year end holidays.. i think is time to PARTY again.. WICKED!!! This time We Average Joe's r just to tired to plan any Average Party.. so we let the pros to do it.. We never say no to indie rock specially TAG & LapSap..

Mystery Jets Vs TAG..

Team Average Joe without The LatinoHeat..
So the story go like that.. Mr Latinoheat had a house bbq with his frens & never invite the Original Average Joe.. So we decided to Tag it out without him.. Wat a big mistake...

Pretty boy & Ms. Pak Sek..

Pretty boy, Ms.ally & Average himself

Ms.Ally & Ms. Pak Sek

Ms. Pak Sek doing what she best at..

Spaz Face for LatinoHeat..

Yea yea yea.. i know i know.. How can we miss out on The King of Mash up.. Bangkok famous DJ Knatz... Plus our own LapSap..
Definately best beat all year long.. This time Ed D & Jay-C tag along.. Average Joe new found LapSap Kaki..

LapSap Vs Knatz

Our Average Joe's Trademark.. Gold Casio

Our new found LapSap Kaki.. Jay-C

Average himself Favvy blogger.. Average GingerFish

Barsonic.. Sonic.. Sonic.. Sonic.. With Ms. Ally & Ed D..

Wat a tired week we had.. But hey.. is the Holiday mood.. We're Average Out

Posted by: Average himself


Anonymous said...

Merry christams

Average Joe's said...

Merry Christmas to u too... Cheers

Anonymous said...

Yo joe! long time man!haha..actually the thought of cambodia's kinda spontaneous..nothing planned out so far.but hey i wouldn't mind 'average'-ing it out there man. shud b cool *grin* merry xmus n happy nu year!

QueenSLeen said...

and a Happy New Year! :)

Anonymous said...

woot! happening blog sial!.. i like some of the pics.. effects damn nice

Average Joe's said...

hehehe... thanks... Just Average shoot.. more too come