Whats Next?

Okay.. I know i know.. i suppose to do lil post mortem on the past Average event before planning on the next 1.. i do not just speak for myself.. But for all of us here cant wait for the "Well planned long holidays" from Christmas till New Year day.. So for those how havent apply your leaves..

Average Advise: Take 26, 30, 31 Dec & 2 Jan.. Then you hav a total of 11 days off... Hoorayy!!!

We Average Joe's not really the traditional Christmas exchanging pressie, drinking egg nog & going carolling.. We're more to the Average BBQ (No Surprise),Sun tanning, Average beach trip, Goin Smooch Jubes House or just beer beer beer.. SO WHAT SHOULD WE DO THIS YEAR ???

Let run thru some Average option

1. There's always Sing A Poor
Pros: Gotta see Big sis (ThereSomethingAboutMary), Cheap sneaker hunt
Cons: High Currency Exchange, limited Accomodation

2. Land of Seafood (Penang)
Pros: Awesome food, More Casio
Cons: Just went last week, Long drive journey

3. Average Beach trip
Pros: Sun Sun Sun Beer Beer Beer Beach Beach Beach
Cons: Raining Season

4. Average BBQ
Pros: Lamb, chicken wing & beers
Cons: Overdose for 2008, Running out of venue

5. Bangkok
Pros: Shoppiiiing at Chatuchak, Cheap beers
Cons: High airfares, Lil too last min to plan

I gues the easiest is just aN Average bbq at Mont Kiara..

"We're always ready" AVERAGY READY!!!

Posted by: Average himself


Unknown said...

HhHMM...There's always an Average Extraordinary Trip.

1)Try Sipadan (beach,seafood & BBQ) still can do.Or maybe Karambunai.

2)You can always go to the Elephant Sanctuary in Pahang. (You'll get river but not sea xp )

3)Try Caving or Fireflies (am just giving you the websites,you can make your own plans on accomodation etc..)

4)Carey Island (pinjam Jiv's housey for BBQ or smething)

5)Or you can resort to Average 'Tropical Christmas' (you edi have a theme) BBQ@Kiara.
MUST have WHITE ELEPHANT gift exchange. (if you want I can explain the rules later) if you're interested.

Average Joe's said...

Oh damn.. i love all the ideas.. specially number 4 - carey island.. let me go talk to jiv.. sound really interesting.. "Average Joe head down to Carey Island" i wonder do they have any hotel or resort there???

We hav a brainstroming last Saturday.. is lil to late to make a big plan.. we having few Average Beach trip next year.. Tish come back & join us la.. i promise ill makes plan to go see u in canada..heheh

Average Joe's said...
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Unknown said...

Oh Yik am laughing sooo hard!!I think you should ask Jiva & Leena about the hotels and resorts...then maybe I'll have people who'll laugh with me. I know they have a golf club house on the island but not sure if they open it to outsiders.
Carey Island isn't ur Redang or Perhentian type of island.

It's an island that's a plantation.It does have a beach but ain't all that beautiful like Redang etc..

If you want to sty over or smething then all I can think of is Jiv's Hse.
But there's plenty of fun stuff to do on the island..trust me!!
Ask Leena or Jiv for photos about our trip.
Am sure ALLY would sooo love to go since she missed out the last time.

Plus of you want seafood you can head over to Telok Gong..or now I heard there's sme new place tht's better(Oh Shoots..can't remember) but am sure Leena & Jiv will know where to makan.

BBQ should be do-able!!I say go for it!! xp

Ah..I would sooo love to come back,but am only planning to do so in 2010 for summer or winter(depending if am back in cllg or not)Maybe by then we all can go Karambunai or Sipadan together!!Oh and you mst soo tke me go Bangkok and Aangkor Wat okies?!I want to go to Vietnam also le...and oh of course Bali!!Then maybe Jakarta or Bandung.
In addition am supppose to visit Spore,OZ&NZ as well.YES..am the girl with a 1001 destinations *sigh!*

*giggles* Now am pretty sure you'll start some 'Fund Yik to Canada' project!!
Take care you!!

Anonymous said...


Tish darling, you are keeping Yik's hope very very high. Just because there is an "island" word at the end of the name..lol!