HAHAHA... We Been Fisheyed...

At Ms. Ally Ahhhhh Surprise Party

This gotta be the most fun outting for the year 2008.. Our own Ms. Ally deserve this.. The surprise almost fail.. thanks for a lil scare in Facebook.. Yea i started to add Ms Ally's colleagues to my list.. Birthday girl got lil suspicious.. But i hav too.. thats the only way to contact them.. Anyways.. is all good fun for me, Latinoheat, Pretty boy & Ms. Pak Sek to plan it.. lots of acting & lying to do.. haha.. & lots of time management to conquer..

Unfortunately Our own Venue planner Ms. Pak Sek cant make it to there surprise party due to some unfortunate incident.. This is the Birthday wish to Ms.Ally.. is That Simple..

So the plan is: Latinoheat divert her to a romantic dinner.. then revert to Attic to meet up wif her besties.. "us".. yada yada yada.. Surprise.. then Ms. Ally: Ahhhhhhhh

Ms Ally wif Leena & Prajiv

Ms. Ally wif Yiling & Aik

Ms. Ally wif Wilson & Fungman

Ms. Ally wif DJ mini Man & Chintat

Ms. Ally wif Mr. Jay-C & Ms. Ash-C

Ms. Ally wif the Special presie from her baby.. Carefour special promotion

Ms. Ally wif Ms. froggie & Jin Hitz

Ms. Ally wif Ms. Smooch us Jubes

Ms. Ally wif Average himself

Ms. Ally wif Mr. Kenny Richie

Ms. Ally wif Pretty boy

Ms. Ally wif Arnie

Happy Birthday Babe!!!

Average Joe


LatinoHeat wif Ms. PPPrincess & Pretty boy

Arnie & Ally turning RED!!!

Ms. Christmas Eve

Adrian, Arnie & Ms. Smooch Jubes

Average himself wif Ms. Christmas Eve

fugly face wif Ms. PPPrincess

Leena & Prajiv

DJ Mini Man

Ms. Smooch Jubes wif Adrian

Harujuku wif Ms. Ash-C

Ah Tat kor wif Pretty boy

Ms. Ally Love Jay & Ash-C

Spazzing wif birthday girl..

It wasnt me..

New found spazzing face.. Jay-C

ahhh.. another spaz face.. thats why their together..

ohhh stop it jay...

Definately 1 Average Nite!!! Hope Ms. Ally is Happy.. We love you here at Average Joe

Posted by: Average himself


Add 8 + 4 said...

dope fish eye camera! ally, happy past tense birthday.

Anonymous said...

AAahhhh..I am loving all the pictures!

Ey Yik, you malas to scan all the 60 pics rite? Hahahaha

Kev, please scan the remaining. Why aren't you doing your Average Maid job? =P

Unknown said...

We super freakingly ♥ ♥ ♥ ChicAllyStylo!!

*ADUH!* Average Maid kena sounding edi!!

Average Joe's said...

DID ZU KNOW.. it take 3hours of my Average time just to scann all those pic..

But i love how it turn out.. it hav a lil classic look on the pic..

Time to save $$ for some concave lenc... hahaha..

saltydogg said...

YO average joe's! haha thanks for dropping by. great blog u guys been running for a while now.

see you at the next average(literally) TAG.

stay salty