808's & Heartbreak

Average FYI: Kanye West latest & last Album just hit the store.. Is Called 808's & Heartbreak.. I just got a peak of the album.. i gotta say is Wicked!!..

The tune is lil more emotional with no rapping.. Just singing.. I noe is a huge different to his previous albums.. With all the emotional event happen to that guy.. the new tune just a therapeutic treatment..

The title 808's & Heartbreak came for a rhythm drum composer call TR-808.. Kanye imput more tribal drums beats in this album.. casting away the hip hip beats.. The final tune just came out wicked!! As usual he is always prop for dope tunes..

Check out track 2 Welcome to Heartbreak & track 9 Street light..

Album Artwork.. really digged the deflated heart shaped balloon..

Really dig his change of look.. real classic britain..

Kaws did a revise on the Album artwork.. Genius ill say

Upcoming Kanye own clothing line called: Pastelle

Pastelle gonna launch online on January.. Kanye himself have his own designing touch in every piece.. not ur normal celebrities who only have their name on their own product..

Model by: Rihanna

Model by: Lupe Fiasco

Kanye gav us a peak on American Music Award.. Pastelle's College Jacket..

ROcking it with Murakami LV Camo bag & Jordan 8.. I want 1 too..

"That so Average"

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