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Average Batcave Warming
Okay.. as u all noe.. i hav moved out of subang to a LAND FAR FAR AWAY.. Called Eco Park.. Average Joe own Batcave.. So is time to party again.. the AVERAGE Way.. As usual theres always an Average BBQ.. this time we r focusing on Seafood.. but dun worry.. theres still chicken, lamb & burger around for those who r allergy to seafood!!

So plz do come join us here.. ill show u my new batcave.. Come meet the Average Joe.. We're real Average People!!!

Event Detail:

Date: 29th November 2008
Time: 5.00pm till late (Feel free to stay over when ur to drunk to drive home)
Venue: The batcave
Address: 21, U13/22S Setia Alam (Eco Park)
Theme: Average Joe
Food: Average BBQ
Drinks: Wine & Beers

Guide to The Land Far Far Away

The only way to my new house is only NKVE highway..

1 step: Head towards Klang on NKVE
2 step: Theres 3 exist point (Shah Alam, KLIA & Setia Alam)
3 step: Turn into Setia Alam Exist
4 step: After paying toll.. Keep left
5 step: 1st fly over.. go up turn right
6 step: Go straight till u see a right turn into the housing area
7 step: Round about take 3 o'clock
8 step: Head to guardhouse to registrate
9 step: Provide IC & house address to guards

Toll Payment:
From KL: RM 4.40
From Damansara: RM 2.70
From Subang: RM 2.20
From Shah Alam: RM 1.40
So get ready ur lose changes..


Please do contact us when ur lost
Average himself: 016-655 8502

For ur confirmation of attendance.. plz RSVP urself on Average Facebook

This is gonna be So AVERAGE

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