I think is time for the Average Joe start putting layers on our outfits.. stop all the fedora,tang tops, shorts & thongs.. let throw somethin on it.. Been flippin thru GQ magazine lately.. I realise how good looking men can be in layers.. specially a nice dinner suits.. every men must own one tux.. this hit me hard last friday when i need to put on a blazer for an event job.. i realise mine is still in perth & borrowing from ur bro or dad is just no the answer.. trust me guys..

Brandon Flower doing what he best at.. Killer

So i made up my mind.. I gonna start putting more layers on my outfits.. just hope the weather is right..

With a shorts.. i gues u can go everythin wif shorts..
Accompany with a cardigans

Accompany with blazer

Or with wool tuxs.. actually i have that same colour tux.. just need to find the right weather to rock it..

Wif a pair of nice pants with a boat shoe..
Cardigan goes with anything..

Accompany with a plaid shirt & full top tuxs..

Accompany with a plain white shirt & hat..

Accompany with a big hair with a blazer

This is how our pretty boy rock it.. colour bottom.. Just keep an eye on him..

With a pair of denim
Accompany with a denim jacket

Accompany with a navy blue blazer

Accompany with a cargo jacket & a tie

Raw denim, jacket & a sweater on a bicycle.. Nice..

Average Joe's Favvy: Leather jacket wif denim.. & a plaid shirt & a bow tie.. So Average

Or u can just PLAID everything

Layer it.. Your good to go as an Average Joe..

Posted by: Average himself


*pandaaa said...

I'm loving the third look.

Average Joe's said...

we need to go topshop dee.. need to get that pants & plaid shirts..

*pandaaa said...

Hehehe. The plaid shirts. Set. But but... I'm kinda low on funds again. I bought the frickin' WIG, remember?