Mary have a little Fairwell

Okay is party time again.. but this time is for our lovely Ms. Sumthin bout Mary.. As u all noe.. she hav dcided to leave her family to pursuit her career at Sing ar poor.. haha just playing.. Ill take this chance to present u: Mary have a little Fairwell Party

Anyways.. to kills to bird with a stone.. we are doing a fairwell & house warming party together.. The nite food & beverages will be prepare by ur 1 & only Average himself.. Our Specialty Average BBQ.. For those who never been to our Average BBQ.. Get really for some real Average DIY outing..

We are kindly invite people who noe her to join her last day with a big bang Average BBQ party.. so dun be shy.. Dun be awaiting for her phonecall invite.. cos she is just so lazy.. Btw She leaving on Sunday.. So be nice.. come over..

Event Detail:

Date: 17th October 2008
Time: 8.00pm till late (Feel free to stay over when ur to drunk to drive home)
Venue: Ms. Sumthin bout Mary's New House
Address: 21, U13/22S Setia Alam
Theme: Firm Yard Outfits
Food: BBQ Lambs
Drinks: Wine & Beers

Map to the Land Far Far Away

Guide to The Land Far Far Away

The only way to our new house is only NKVE highway..

1 step: Head towards Klang
2 step: Theres 3 exist point (Shah Alam, KLIA & Setia Alam)
3 step: Turn into Setia Alam Exist
4 step: After paying toll.. Keep left
5 step: 1st fly over.. go up turn right
6 step: Go straight till u see a right turn into the housing area
7 step: Round about take 3 o'clock
8 step: Head to guardhouse to registrate
9 step: Provide IC & house address to guards

Toll Payment:
From KL: RM 4.40
From Damansara: RM 2.70
From Subang: RM 2.70
From Shah Alam: RM 1.40
So get ready ur lose changes..

Do lets us noe ur attendance in our Facebook Event.. So we can prepare the amount for foods..

Posted by: Average himself


*pandaaa said...

Brother did his research on toll prices ;)

Average Joe's said...

Have to la... i use those roads everyday.. just dun use KL exist point.. thats the killer 1s...

Anonymous said...

Hey!! i read this too late laa joe. only today found out about ur housewarming >_< already have pre-plans la ^^

Ya ur right about ur sis la..memang lazy lol. anyway we knew each other in uni la.i had no idea not only about the party but also her departure2 s'pore...*smacks forehead*

So how ah?can postpone the party to 2mr for me ah?kakaka..

Average Joe's said...

Hahaha... Evo... Good news for u.. actually the party hav been postponed to next week Friday the 17th.. Oops change it on facebook event but forget bout the blog...

oh yea.. what can u say bout Mary.. she really live up to her name.. "Theres something about Mary"..

hope to see u guys here yea.. come meet the Average Joe...

Unknown said...

This whole map and directions thingy is like travelling to some new state!!
Can't wait to come back and try not get LOST!! xp