Okay so Average himself hav been real busy lately with the final clearance of the house moving.. 1st of all ill would like to thanks Latinoheat & DJ mini man for the "hard labour help".. U guys hav no idea how much we suffer in the past weekend.. Much appreciated guys..

As for my last post.. packing can be REAL pain in the ass.. but theres always something u found that u thought u never see again.. I call it the Average Discovery

TAPES.. Do u guys still remember that.. i found a whole lots of tapes labelling with some kiddies hand writing.. then i remember when Average was a lil Joe.. I love recording what ever is cool on tv.. i hav a bunch of 90's legendary football matches, classic TV-series, Movies & MTV (can u believe that).. i hav been doing some re-run of those tapes.. looking back at it.. Australian hav some really dumb ass selling commercials.. i was basically laughing thru out the whole commercial breaks..

Okay check out: Titanic original tapes.. i dun even rmb buying that when i was young.. actually is a Rental.. theres a sticker from "VideoLand".. & i think i just never return it.. haha..

The Before & After.. see how much technology hav change us.. But honestly.. i prefer Tapes..
1st it is just so easy to record anything on TV.. I dun see DVD can do that..
2nd tapes can always stop anytime during the movie & resume it where is last stop.. Ahhh DVD u hav to go SCENE Selection to look for it..

I realise im a real sucker for tv-series.. & i still do right now.. Really happy i found some of my self record "Becker" & My favvy "Two Guys A Girls & A Pizza Place".. Do u still rmb those series.. simple awesome.. If u guys r interested in re-runs on some original Average laugher.. U can always pop by "Land Far Far Away" ..

Didnt realise i have a copy of BAD BOY taped version & DVD version.. watched it the other day Taped Version obviously..

Haha.. This gotta be my best pride possession.. "The Best of Eric Cantona" LEGENDARY

UP NEXT: CASSETTE.. Found a bunch of cassette layin around with a thickness of dust & some really old books.. It make me wonder when the last time i actually play 1 of those cassette in my walkmen.. Now is like.. IMAGINE this.. all those cassette of ur favvy collection all in 1 small device.. & its call iPod..

This gotta be my favvy discovery.. Dun u just sick of all those commercials music on radio.. some smooth blues with Louis Amstrong

Ahh Joe's 1st Love.. Green Day..

Bonus Discovery: Pretty Women Soundtrack.. David Bowie, Natalie Cole, Roxette, Red hot chilli pepper.. u cant put a price on that..

So.. faster go dig up some tapes & cassettes hidden in the "un-wanted" closet.. it would be real interesting looking what u love to watch wen ur young.. Or u can always donate it to me.. haha
(Rmb to go look for a Tapes record player 1st) I wonder do they still sell those.. or rmb those rewind device??

Theres to much technology in our life nowadays.. Keep it simple.. Do Average Way
Tapes & Cassettes is the the new rave entertainment..

Posted by: Average himself


Cynthia said...


pic #8: i see a 911 cassette... wow lil joe was into poppy boybands ;) noiicee!

can i come over someday and take a trip down memory lane :)

Average Joe's said...

Shhhhh.... Malu la...
Hey lil Joe love Sabrina.. just watched it 2 days back.. so funny..

Me speechless bout 911.. sure sure come over for my house warming next month yea.. not ipod allow.. strictly cassette & AM radio.. ahaha

Add 8 + 4 said...

hi me DJ Mini Man.

Cynthia said...

hohoho :) old school themed house warming, very nicee. keep me posted!



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