Angkor Wat

OMG.. Where do i start.. theres so much story to tell.. so much pic to post.. but so little time to do it..

Okay.. so as u all know this Raya hav been a double special for most of us... 1 is the celebration itself & 2 is a long holiday if u play around with ur leaves.. As for Average himself.. this year i did it little too much... Oops.. my holidays runs 9 days straight.. hahaha

As for my annual get away.. this year is my pick: Cambodia Angkor Wat.. What a pick ill say..
As the only Average Joe in the crew.. i feel lil lonely time to time.. But i had a blast without my joe's around.. Yes i say it.. hehe.. Angkor Wat Round 2 is coming up really soon...

Preparation as usual always last min.. Plus the night b4 departure.. Our Ms. PPPrinces turns 1 year older.. intoxicated with all kind of mixers.. Packaging gets lil tricky with time thicking fast... BTW party finish at 3ish & i have to be at the airport at 4am.. Damn u have to be at that situation to understand..

Theres alway these few things u need to bring along for an Average trip...

Essential stuff to prepare for an Average trip:
1. Camera
2. Retro casio watch
3. PSP
4. ipod
5. Froggie
6. iphone(Most important in the list.. so u can go facebook anytime)
hahaha.. i was basically uploading my trip pic every nite.. Just to updates my Average Joe back in Malaysia..

7. Retro Nike Backpack
8. Retro Dunk hi (gotta walk in style)

Lets the Journey begin..

Im not really a complainer of Flights.. AirAsia alway works fine by me..
After all the rushing.. i tot manage to hav some breather on the flight.. But NOooo.. the excitment hit me that make me cant sleep the whole journey.. It must be the long due holiday break...

We stayed in this Average Hotel called: Prince D'Angkor Hotel

Average Joe highly recomand Prince D'Angkor.. Service, rooms & food are great.. oh yea they hav their own Casino too..

The rooms... My lucky roomate Ms. Tzeee gotta agree with me on that... they hav 1 of the most comfy bed out there.. & yes.. their King size bed is huge.. & yes u can fit 4 person on the bed.. For an Average Budget trip.. i highly recomand Sharing..

The coolest thing about Prince D is they are the only hotel which have a salt water pool... NEAT!!

Next Post: Same Same But Walk de Walk

Posted by: Avverage himself


Anonymous said...

Eh.glamour hotel in siem reap!last time i stayed in something more 'average'.haha.

Ya la dude.i called ur sis last week and she told me it's moved to 2mr ady., i'll b there :) to meet ur sis not average joe :P

seriously, faster post on angkor. i wanna see what u think n compare2my trip..haha..

Anonymous said...

Yo joe!funnnnnn party la time call me laa.i'll try to make it if i feel like driving 50km again hahahaha. nice chops too man.

Faster post on cambodia la...