One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Okay.. I think most of u noe take Average himself is moving out of The Lovely Subang.. To a "Land Far Far Away".. So meaning.. i have been pack all the rubbish in my roomm.. okay serious.. i havent done any packaging yet.. just helpin dad & mum on the big stuff in the house & the final date to move out in this SATURDAY.. *Good Luck*..

Did u noe the best thing bout moving houses.. u'll find alots of long lost treasure.. Look wat i found..

Yashica Electro 35 GSN haha.. dad's treasure..

Not to sure wat model izzit.. but it said National Panasonic 3 band

Back to old school..

This is so LatinoHeat.. Dun laugh.. back then this is every1s Ipod..

Posted by: Average himself


Unknown said...

Do they still work?
That'll be sooo *kewl* if they are still!! xp

Average Joe's said...

Yea.. the radio still workable.. Latino & i was singin along wif some Frank Sinatra..

Camera have to go buy film & check it out..