Why So Seafood?

Okay i gues every1 saw all the pic in Facebook.. but let me re-introduce our "Average Joe head down to The Seafood Land".. It all started with a big plan down to Bangkok or Singapore.. & u guess it rite.. during all this long weekend holidays.. air ticket & accommondation are normally hard to get.. Air ticket are indeed flyin high.. So there goes the big plan & here come our usually Average Joe's car ride trip.. this time it only took us 1 week to decide to head down to Penang.. *Meeting room at Bak Kut Teh SS14*.. i rmb is a long tough meeting specially when my Pak Sek buckin us to follow her down to The land of Lion.. Sorry dear.. We gotta do that..

Venue: Penang aka Seafood Land
Event: Average Joe head down to Seafood Land (Merdeka week)
Crews: Average himself, LatinoHeat, Ms. Ally, Pretty boy, DJ Mini man, Wil-son, Ms. PPPrincess, Ms. Mel, Stevie G, Big Ernie & Ms. ChanChanChan CHAN

Stevie G

Ms. Mel

Ms. PPPrincess & Big Ernie

Wil-Son & DJ Mini Man

Ms. Ally, LatinoHeat & Average himself

Pretty boy

Ms. Chanchanchan CHAN

SO the plan is to leave KL at 7am just to beat the jam.. As usual Average Joe's punctuality isn't the best.. but suprisingly we managed to move our ass around 7.30am.. so the designated drivers: Average himself & pretty boy' car.. is really a long ride as i gues Penang is just a place to run away too.. *Good choice ppl*..

Ms. Ally just cant take it no more..

This is wat we do best..

Okay so this trip mission is to EAT.. & lucky we have our Mr. directory.. Stevie G.. he is our food tour guide.. taking us all the secret hidden old school store..
Round 1: Kar Koay Teow at this place sumthin called "Sister".. honestly is our 1st meal of the day.. it taste really good..

Round 2: This 1 is worth to wait.. trust me.. Stevie G brou us to this hidden street called Siam Road.. & all of us r super hungry after a tired day of drive & pool.. SIAM ROAD.. ahhhhh.. this uncle hav his own custom bike with a selfmade kitchen in the back.. i think it tasted so good is bcos of 2 things: Charcoal & Love.. Damn all the selfmade bike pic is with Wil Son..

Round 3: New Line Makan Makan.. without a miss.. everytime we're at Penang.. New Line is not to be missed.. That place just hav so many food..

Round 4: Line Clear Nasi Kandar.. this is the most interested place in Penang.. the Q is like crazy long during lunch time.. i think basically we waited in line for 30mins.. everything looks so dirty but tasty.. the funniest thing is the casher will say: Okay 5.50 line clear.. sound like he saying "give me the money & f**K off"

Round 5: Chendol.. I called this the Double Thumbs up Chendol.. Seriously.. cant taste the different.. but any thing under the sun is alright for us..

Walk Walk...

VINTAGE.. Just love walking around looking for really really viantage stuff..

Drink Drink.. im totally speechless bout this session.. just to set the record straight.. Average himself is NOT drink any more VSOP.. all of us cant stop laughing & drink..

*Hint hint* Ready "Mo.. Na.. Li.. SA" DRINK>>>


Behalf of Average Joe.. I think this is the most fun we hav this year.. So whats nexts Joe's?? Perhentian??

This goes down to the Most Average Trip by far.. So Average

Posted by: Average himself


Cynthia said...

Yik, i hope you bought the casio watches! damn fabulously oldskool ;)

Unknown said...

I am sooo going on a trippie with you fabby ppl the next time when am home.
I want to go to Siam Road!!

Average Joe's said...

Thia.. u rmb the gold 1 i hav.. Now me & Ally hav the silver 1s.. thinkin bout stockin it up since they hav 2 more in the store.. haha

Tish.. obviously.. is always Fun holidayin with the Average Joe.. Am i right Thia???

We organise k.. promise..