Okay it all started at the year 1985.. almost as old as Average himself.. Yes im talking bout Oakley Frogskins.. For those ppl who noe us well.. we love the 80's classics forgskins frame.. is like the "to go sunnies".. everyday to work.. weekend outting.. beach holidays.. Lapsap or TAG.. Church?? i cant go on & on..

Rock it with?? Fedora is the best with.. plain tees, plaid shirts, bball jersey, short, boardshort, skinnies or even working outfits..

To share my enthusiasm for the Frogskin.. Im gonna post a weekly Frogskined pic in this blog.. So faster dash into me & ask me to take a pic.. hehe

Frogskins is everywhere..

Come Join the FUN.. Go get urself a Frogskins..

Posted by: Average himself


v for vinson said...

Frogskin is the thing!!

but i am still hunting for wayfarer.

Cynthia said...


wayfarers la yik, for my too big a round face shape :x

Cynthia said...


wayfarers la yik, for my too big a round face shape :x

House of Average Inc. said...

Thia & Vin.. Amen for wayfarer & forgskin.. is the only sunnies ill rock.. wait wait.. im gonna start another Wayfarered seesion soon..

oh thia i just got my wayfarer turquoise.. wahaha let me post it next post... im a happy average joe

V.. i still cant find other colour except black & brown.. really want the white 1s.. help plz V

v for vinson said...

you mean wayfarer or frogskin? if wayfarer can try hong kong as they just launch the wayfarer colour, its full range of funky colourway.

If frogskin, there are one shop in subang parade selling, but its like 60-80 bucks above retail when the first time it launch.

*pandaaa said...

Ray-Ban Wayfarer in turquoise, and you tell me to go take a look some more.

You can kill someone with those Tiffany's shades man

Average Joe's said...

Pak Sek check out my new post.. wahaha

V.. yea im refering to wayfarer.. really limited colours they hav it here..