Okay.. what a week ill say.. Is Wednesday & im still so tired.. me & Ms.Ally gotto prepare basically everythin to make LatinoHeat Birthday Bash happen.. taking leave on friday definately was neccessary.. sorry boss for not committing to work.. I GOTTA DO THIS..

It all started with an early morning dash to the wet market.. Yea ppl say the chicken wing suppose to be fresher there.. Marination can be lil tricky.. with 60 pieces of chicken wing.. a dozen of lamb & couple pieces of sting rays.. then it come with different type of marination.. Kunit, curry, tandori, black papper & new found recipe ginger & fish oil.. i gues is a tough job to please my fellow Joe's out there.. It is a my full time job as a "Party Planner".. But Average himself, Ms.Ally & even birthday boy LatinoHeat never disapoint u.. "BBQ is our specialty"..

After all the food issue is done.. time to fabricate our signiture DIY BBQ pitt.. As u can see the 1st pic below..

How to build an Average BBQ Pitt 101:
Thing u need..
1. Sheet Metal or Zing
2. Metal brices
3. Bricks
4. Wire grill
5. Ipod (some music to make us going)

Just make sure ur base have to b strong.. if not Bricks is also the best solution.. as u can see we r lacking of bricks.. so we use some paint container.. Yea i works fine.. every1 have thier chicken rite???

The chef of the hour.. Mr. Average himself

I gotta say.. this is the strongest fire i ever build.. too damn hot...

Lil assistant from my Pak Sek

Thanks girl for stand there not helpin...

We gotta thanks Ms.Ally's Mum for the lovely Thai mee & yam cake.. Awesome

The Birthday Cake

Never forget our BBQ's MUST HAVE... Beers


The Present:

A LatinoPresent from: Pretty boy, Ms Jane, Stevie G, Ms Mel, Ms Pak Sek & Mr Ben

Team Manchester United

Team Liverpool.. left out Ms. Jubes

Here we goes.. theres alway the few drinking starter in any Average Party.. SO RUN GUYS..

1. Crazy

2. Elucinate

3. Sad

4. Happy

5. Stoned

6. Sleepy

7. GONE / KO

Definately 1 of the best time i had this year
What More Can I Say: "THIS IS SO AVERAGE"


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