Ahhh i cant resist this.. Just receive some really long awaiting wish list.. haha finally is here.. My Rayban wayfarer turquoise.. & the Red 1s for my sis.. More colours to accessorize my outfits.. *Hooray*
I really believe that every1 need 1 piece of a black Wayfarer or Frogskins.. It just a common/everyday sunnies u can rock it at any occassion or outfits.. U gotta do it like Tom Cruise in Risky Business Movie.. To add a lil spice on a weekend.. colourize ur sunnies with ur outfits..

This is wat im gonna rock wif.. Nah mayb a birkenstock or havaianas
Okay.. i cant resist it.. gotta start a weekly Wayfarer'd pic section just below Frogskined

Let me introduce u to Ms.Something bout Mary

We are the Wayfarer Family.. It runs in the Family..

You gotta do it the Average style

Posted by: Average himself


Anonymous said...

Sob sob...I want the red one!!!

v for vinson said...

smokin hottttttttt !

jane.is.the.paint.pastel.princess said...

Haiyor.. cute cuTE CUTE!

Average Joe's said...

haha.. thanks thanks.. Picture time in the land of Seafood tomoro k Ladies..

V.. need ur hook up for the 2 tone wayfarers.. hehe

Cynthia said...

turquoise. damn. fkn. nice.

bring to TAG, i wanna steal! ;p

Anonymous said...

Habis la if Yik bring it to TAG! It would be another prop for us to take pictures with..

Yik, red one please!!


Anonymous said...


turquoise is the shiznit yo!