Reverse Jam

I gotta post this.. Look how beautiful is this pair of sneaker.. OMG i speechless wen i 1st saw it.. okay it all start with 1 of our (me, Latinoheat & Pretty boy) routine sample shoe shopping at Mid Valley Why pay More.. i dunno bout u all.. but i love sample shoe.. 1st of couse is damn cheap.. 2nd is in my size.. & the best is you get the shoe earlier only if no 1 gap it b4 u.. the sucky part is normally they only hav 1 pair of 1 design.. & some sample come in sucky condition.. After all sample kicks is to test the market anyways.. i dun complain much.. I rmb back in those days in Aus.. Me & Pretty boy will just go to factory outlets just to hunt for sample shoe.. we use to found lots of good Air force 1 colourwave.. May be ill post some of my cheap hunting collection in the next post.. Stay tune.. Some really good memories..

Okay so 1 fine day.. i found this Reebok Reverse Jam low SAMPLE.. in white base, green mid sole & yellow Reverse Jam logo on the tougue & a lil spry of yellow on the heel.. so beautiful.. im so sure to get it.. but lil short in my budget that month make me standing there thinkin about it for an hour.. With the age catchin up.. got to set my priority right.. & the thought of how can i rock it wit.. & the content Latinoheat bitch about it saying "IS NOT WORTH IT".. so i let my "If it meant to be" & decide to come back to get it after a week.. So gues wat.. is ALL gone a week later..

Anyway MACKDADDY & FLAUGE are working closely with Reebok to release this Awesome Collaboration.. Gotta get my hand on this..

SO people if theres any hook up.. Plz Hola attu Average Joe yea..

Simple Average

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