Labour day Break

Okay.. Let me start saying "What a good holiday trip i hav".. I been so long since we Average Joe's went for a Beach Holiday.. We normally hav an Annual Beach holidays every year.. But with all the Working life.. i guess it just so hard to find time for it..

So let me re-introduce myself.. We present u Smooch Joe's

Location: Terengganu Lang Tengeh
Date: Labour day long weekend 4D3N
Guest: Average himself, Latinoheat, Ms. Ally, Bachelor of the year, Ms. thiathia, DJ Biceps, Ms. Jubes & Wil Man Son

"What a trip" ill say.. i believe all of us will agree with me.. It started with a long ass driving journey on the Wednesday nite.. then long ass boat ride to the island.. The resort ill say definately awesome.. as long theres sun & beach.. is all good to go for the Joe's..

okay 101 Average beach lesson.. theres only 3 things u need at an Average beach holidays..

1. Sunnies
Protect ur eyes ppl... Recommanded Oakley Frogskin or Rayban Wayfarer... haha from my view..

2. Thongs
Real important to hav the right thongs.. Sorry we Average Joe dun do Crocs.. Sorry Jubes.. Crocs is 1 ugly shoe.. Wat r they like Ronald McDonald feet.. NO NO.. Joe recommend Havainas..
1 tips.. Stock up few pair of ur favour colour so u can match ur outfits.. Recommended a pair of white, blue 0r Gold.. Add lil colour on ur feet..

3. Boardshort
A good pair boardshort are hard to find now a days.. With the creative design coming out like hot cakes.. I hate it when they hav to much Sewing pattern around.. specially big logo around the side of the short.. those threads in the logo actually absorb water & it make the boardshort really heavy.. go for printed on pattern & 1 layer boardshort.. I found out theres so many double layer short which i dunno wats the whole purpose of it.. Maybe for a warmer Ball support..

Additional: Beaching Accesseries


Reading Materials

And not to forget.. Drinks

This is some of the essential things u need to prepare..

Dun u just love waking up in the morning without thinking bout wat to wear, which route to go work or who i hav 2 meet for work.. Okay.. just put it this way.. wake up in the morning wash my face, put on my boardshort then head to breakfast.. Then.. head back to brush teeth, put my sunnies then head straight to the beach.. Thats ill say "Living in the Good Life"

All we hav been doing is Sun tanning, Volley ball, Football & snorkelling...

Till the sun is down.. just cant move anymore..

Damn.. All ill say is "Damn i wish thats my daily life"

Definately Thats So Average

Posted by: Average himself


Cynthia said...

"I wish this was my daily life" TELL ME ABOUT IT. grunts :(

and eh eh eh why never take picture of my 100baht cheapo but so cute gold flippyflops i bought from thailand hmm hmm not cool enough for you now la!

Average Joe's said...

Sorry la.. 4get la.. too happy forget to take pic there.. hav to use u & Ally wants... Oops..