Average Weekend

Wah What a week for the Average Joe's.. I gotta annouce this.. Eventhou it hav been spamming around blogs & facebook.. I'm gonna do the Average Weekend rundown..

Head over to Zouk to support our own Average Joe's in the Cloe Most Eligible Bachelor of 2008.. With much surprise from Team Bachelor No.8 Brian Lau here.. The Bachelor of the Year goes to: *Drum Roll Plz* None other then our own "Pretty boy" Brian Lau * Confetti*... Wahhhh.. OMFG.. DAMMMN.. Ahhh.. Then Stoned.. Dun get my wrong bro.. Didnt expect that at all.. but all of us so happy for u.. FREEBIES *Horay*.. People he deserve it.. he hav been trying so hard.. Well deserve B.. Like wat Ms.Thiathia say: "Dun forget the lil people yea"

Horay.. Im The King of the World.. Free Sugar for 1 year..

Team Bachelor No.8..

Bachelor with his trophy.. wahaha

The Boys are so happy for u..

Ever beautiful girls.. Ms. Ally, Ms. Thiathia, Ms. Mel & Ms. Cat

The Championship belt..

Definately a knockout fight..

Average Joe's with every1 favvy blogger Kenny

Latino Cant believe it.. Yes is our Pretty Boy

Cheers on from the sister support..

Definately a totally worth it to be there to support..

Saturday hav been a really thoughful day for Latino, Ms. Ally & myself.. Sadly Tisha & her family hav decide to migrate to Canada.. Dun really noe the reason but is truely a sad news as She is a True Average Joe around this region.. I hav not meet a person who is so humble, sweet & Beautiful.. Definately ur gonna be miss by all of us here..

See what a frens she hav.. Ms. Ally & her college mate Mindy, Leena & Prajiv hav decided to compile some memorable pic for Tisha fairwell.. Which i think is an awesome gesture.. & they even hav a powerpoint presentation about her.. & not to forget personal interview from all of us.. That im speechless..

Final Artwork

Wah La

This is for u Tisha.. All hard work by Ms. Ally, Mindy, Leena & Prajiv..
Haha Me & Latino just sit there supervising.. Wahaha

As usual.. We all boys head down Mont Kiara for some Pre-Smooch Joe's tanning.. end up spending the whole day throw rugy ball around every corner of the pool side..

Definately 1 tiring day.. body all tanned up.. We r all good to go on Wednesday.. R u guys ready..

Get ready ur gear yea..

Definately one crazy weekend.. "So Average"

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Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Unknown said...


You ah..sucj a real DOINK!
M actually seriously having tears in my eyes now as I read this.

You don't know the reason am migrating?! *SHOOTS*

Will spr personally send an email to you to explain k?!Why never di you ask?!

As I said ...real doink le you!

Missing you guys loads!!