Ha... as for guys... i belive purchasing a piece of tee is all about how good the print is... A big Rolling Stone tongue or a bikini girl at the front of a tee will definately "Must buy" situation... Actually would love a Rolling Stone tee from my self... but hey.. havent found 1 yet.. Theres not much creative u can get in a tee.. & definately is the different creativity the designer have to go.. Thats why Average Love Justice Dance video

Design by Justice themself.. Simply Awesome

My personal favvy Fred Perry.. couple of week back.. headed down to Wondermomo for this tee.. sadly is sold out.. "Damn should of take it the other day"... dont u just hate it when u return to purchase somethin & sum1 else took it away..

What to do... Just make 1 myself... wahaha

Found some really good print idea for my up-coming crib.. definately gonna input this idea to my toilet.. DAMN

Definately so Average

Posted by: Average himself

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Cynthia said...

Fred Perry!

You can check out Poponali, im very sure i saw shirts like those there ;)