Sneaker is the answer

Ha... is been 1 hell of a month for us here at the Average Joe's... Started of with well awesome planned weekend (See thia post "Average Weekend") Nicely say Thia.. full long sun tanning.. With all the jam pack Average chillin.. i even miss out on Smooth junkyard Sales.. suppose to bring sis & her entourage there.. Oops Sorry.. i hope theres another Sales coming..

Then came to work... With the F1 week which every1 r so excited about.. Me & Latino have to work.. Run 3 event at a some time... Do ur maths... Sorry to Thia we didnt make it to ur big day.. Happy 21st birthday by the way..

As for this post.. i definately do not wanna talk bout the working weekend.. it get real boring.. ah and is not over yet.. latino hang on...

This is wat will cheer me up.. Sneakers
Realise i miss out so many thing within a weekend..

Premium Goods collab wif Fila tennis classic
The Gucci colourway.. u can never go wrong the green & red... Damn
Fresh out the late 80s design.. Fila tennis still look so fresh.. will die to lay my hand on those babies.. Hittin store next month..

Paisley Bandanna Vans... Just awesome... Just like the Hundreds tees...

Air Tech Challenge II... My jaw drop when i 1st saw this... Back to classic people... Retro are the new rave... This i gotta ebay it..

Adidas consortium ZX700 Snakeskin.. thinkin bout gettin this for work.. just casual with some good material i hope..

Vans 08 fall collection.. simple awesome.. bet latino will die for these... wahaha

Rising Sun by Christian Hosoi.. What more can i say..

Baby blue with white base AKA carmelo colourway... Average kind of scene.. throw a yellow laces... DAMN...

Save the best to the last.. Nothing beats classic bball kicks.. is out in retail & still cant decide to get it.. it comes in the 23 Jordan pack (Jordan 9 & 14).. Just that i cant put it on for the 14s.. just another black shoe..

I gues sneaker reeally cool me down wif all those work in my head.. till all the hectic work is over.. im definately goin to a sneaker shoppin spree.. try stop me...

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