May the Dunk be with you

Ha as u all noe last year was the year of the Air force 1 which celebrate the 25th years of the creation.. The air force 1 hav been a really successful shoe in the market, with no marketing & advertising on the product during the 25 years.. can u believe it still sell like hot cake till date... but last year on the 25th year, Nike started building more advertising & marketing on the sneaker... like endosement with icon which well representing the product "Charles Barkley & Bobbito".. specially love the Bobbito range.. but really disappointed with their general release range.. lil to much of everythin.. plus theres a improve change on the shoe shape too... it just didnt looks classic any more... what happen 2 the nice white base with blue swoosh & orange lace.. thats somethin i would buy...

Anyway Nike has dubbed 2008 the official year of the dunk.. i personally love the dunk specially the college ball colourwave.. Iowa College is my personal favourite.. This year Nike is goin back to time "Vintage".. BE TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL As u can see all nike culture around malaysia hav heavyly marketing the new dunks range.. wif awesome backetball comic printing aroung shop walls... but nothing can beat Thailand NIke team... Thats great marketing..

I believe theres sum free download around the backet... let me find out more..

On the 15th February 2008 7pm Sole What? will the launch of the Vintage Dunk Hi series... Arhhhh

It's the shoe..

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