New Year Begin

Master Splinter Wish all ya Gong Xi Fat Cai

Haha... 1st of all Happy Chinese New Year to all Average Joe's out there.. Is a brand new year with brand new mission to looks 4ward to... Normally im not a real big fans of the CNY.. but i gotta say this year it started great..

Haha.. let side track abit here.. me n Latino really enjoy all the holidays we can get.. as 4 our pre CNY celebration... work load hav been slow b4 the long break.. n we will never waste all the precious time we hav.. on the week b4 CNY.. Our Subang boys head down to the KL Futsal 5 final to show some support of they beloved Brazil.. who actually r in the final.. as for me.. i was so dissapointed Australia didnt even get to play in the final after all the great performance during the hold tournament.. nway the final btw brazil & Argentina was Awesome.. wif some great team work combinate wif sum great individual skill.. purely entertaining Futsal ill say..
Took sum pic of how funatic Football in Malaysia is.. including my boys Latino, DJ Mini Man & S-town boy Kelly..

The following... So glad to sum 1 finally back to malaysia.. haha brou sum goodie back too.. Appreciated it..

3 cans of german football league team... It actually a set of 15 teams.. n apperently stated limited editon... dun u just hate that word.. but i gotta say is awesome.. now i hav2 find the rest of the collection.. mmm interesting.. Now it can go into my hamble collection...

Finally.. got my Absolut Disco.. is actually the “third edition of the second skin”.. as u can see the ad poster is a pic wif Statue of liberty grooving with the absolut disco ball... Awesome... nway is not a complete ICE package... Still love it.. but got sum1 2 buy another fully ice out 4 me in 2 weeks time... ahaha... Now i hav the Disco ball & Bling Bling edition.. just left the winter gift second skin editon.. Hint Hint.. btw thanks Yenz 4 the hooks up.. Love it..

This CNY gonna rock.. lil surprises poppin out 1 by 1... This is so gonna b an Average Year 4 us here..

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