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Ha.. i always love Awards show.. as love to see how artist mixing up wif other musician for sum remix.. Anyway as every1 predict kanye will make a big whoha if he didnt win... this year his enegery was focus on providin n show whats he good at... with an electricflying glow in the dark rendition of stronger wif Daft Phunk... i gotta say "Speechless" simply Awesome.. Kanye literally bring the roof down.. Not sayin that the rest performance are bad.. but it was 1 of the kind.. thank god no1 did the britney VMA.. 8 nomination & wen home wif 4.. not that bad.. just lil disapointed wif the Album of the year & artist of the year... Kanye deserve that... Damn Amy..

Love the sunnies.. Damn

I gotta say Grammy still 1 of the great award show doin they... which is class..
Not 2 4get Beyonce & Tina turner performance.. we cant hav better big voice on stage then both of them..

Rihanna & The Time.. u either love it or hate the Umbrelle song..

Alicia Keys performed a virtual duet with a video replay of Frank Sinatra.. Thats a 1st for every1.. To top up wif the great superbowl performance last week This time Alicia Keys again mixing it up with my favvy John Mayer wif No One..

Plus Fergie wif John Legend... Just Beautiful..

Never disapoint me.. Kanye doin sum magic.. "I tol u guys 2 watch out wif the Glow in Dark Performance" There u go... Thanks Latino..

Agree Latino.. he should of rock sum glow in dark sneaks..

Alicia Keys x Frank Sinatra

Alicia Keys x John Mayer

Kanye x Daft Phunk

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