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Recent ly Parisian artist Fafi and M.A.C Cosmetics has be workin together to introduce a new line FUN colour cosmetics.. Dun ask me why.. but i think is a great marketing product.. specially the famous fafi girls on the cover boxes of every product.. me personally lurv the Adicolor hi with Fafi.. Just that the final material really disapointed me.. Nway it looks awesome.. Damn should of brou it then..

well marketing have been running strongly now with the real-life Fafi Girls touring M.A.C stores around the States. During NYC M.A.C flagship store, this sexy trio makes some apperance to reallife introducing their new product.. also released a limited run of three Fafi figures every bit as special as the real thing for every purchase of the product... So girls i bet u wish u were there huh.. ah me too Just for the Fafi Figures.. haha


FafiMac Goodie stuff...

When Doll character become to life..

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fafi is simply the best