Retro Fiat 500

Okay i know... get lil carry away after the last post bout 147... cant stop thinkin bout sum of my dream car... 1st is the MINI CROOPPER S, then now the New generation Fiat 500.. I gotta say that it still looks so beautiful after 50year old design.. the New retro 500 are even more Cute...

Last year is actually the 50th birthday for the Fiat 500.. So the boys from Italy designed the new generation 500.. just like the MINI & Wolkwagan Beatles... Joe's will say "its the Retro Version"...

The sad thing is they only release 500 unit to be sold in Italy.. but now london, Belgium, Germany r the few country puttin on sales.. Rumour on 2010 only the rest of the world gotta hand on it... sad huh..

Interior i gotta say is pretty impressive...

The Launch gambit stracture of the new generation of 500... great idea.. gotta curi idea for my company... hahaha

No 1 can beat London launch of the 500.. Which they display the mini 500 in a capsule on the London Eye, the 443-foot Ferris wheel formerly known as the Millennium Wheel on the banks of the River Thames.. that gotta be the coolest launch gambit ever..

Retro Vs OG

Classic.. Just beautiful

Fiat 500 Pepita
At the recent Rome car show.. Fiat display a 500 with a 24k gold micro-powder paint body.. and also brushed with gold and frame a set of aftermarket wheels from OZ.. not to 4get the gear shift, hand brake and pedals are lined with Swarovski crystals and the designer floor mats are made out of cashmere.. Thats BLing out..

A classic Art..

This Definately an Average Car

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