Product Testing: Seitiro Ball

Don't you just love product testing? This time around lets work on the new Nike Seitiro Ball.

First of all, there’s many thought merged into the new Seitito Ball, but I’m just gonna focus on these two: Geo II Balance Technology and Nike RaDar Technology.

The new and improved Geo II Balanced technology certainly the main contribution to the ball. The geometric provide an equal distribution of pressure all across the panels. It provides a more consistent, accurate, and powerful strike on the ball.

On My Feedback:
The Geo II works accurately as I made a strike on the ball. I felt the consistency swerving of the ball, specially when I’m trying a Safiq Rahim Free Kicks. As a set piece taker, accuracy of the swerve is important to my game. For the whole 90 minutes, I found no problem hitting all my corner kicks & free kicks. It definitely provides an efficiency and accuracy of my strikes.

Nike RaDar technology utilizes a scientifically tested combination of color, contrast, and graphic design placement. Same as the Superfly heel Visual Acuity Graphic, the RaDar pattern provides same visual signal that helps players quickly identify the ball and its movement.

On My Feedback: What I love about the new Superfly III definitely is the visual signal it provides to the midfields. It helps me (a midfielder) to identify our forwards. Putting that into a ball, brilliant idea! Specially love the orange pods on the RaDar pattern, similar to the Tiempo Elite iv. The striking orange does help me on my quick glance vision. As a creative midfielder, identify the next pass have to be quick. Good job Nike!

Other attributes: The overall nitrogen foam material is top notch. It provides a superior touch and control of the ball. I felt a better connect between the Seitiro ball and my CTR ii. I felt the ease of high impact volley as it doesnt hurts my fore foot, and provides a true ball touch on my boots.

Most significant attribute goes to the ease impact on the head when you’re going for a header. A softer impact compare to the previous Tracer ball. As for the goalkeeper, the nitrogen foam gloved a better grip of the ball & gloves and absorbs shot impact.

Negative feedbacks: A poor durability on the surface. After only a full 90 minutes game, you can see all RaDar design pattern starts peeling out.

Truly love the new & improved Ball by Nike.

Posted by: Average himself

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