A pound on your foot is worth 16 on your back


Is always our nature to innovate, to make things better, lighter, stronger, faster. Making shoes for Athletes makes us continually thinking how can one shoe make our Athlete better, stronger, faster?

Once there's a crazy men told me, a pair of shoe only contributed 1% of an athlete's success. I felt pretty lousy as my job is heavily against that.

Do you think the light weight Flywire technology enhance faster speed?

Do you think the Air technology enhance cushioning impact support?

Do you think the Free technology enhance barefoot running?

A pair of shoe raises self -confident, inspires hopes, defines gravity, and even break records.

A pair of shoe makes us stand on our feet, gives us goose bumps, brings out the dream in us and gives us attention.

A pair of shoe defines nation, religion and sex.

My dream is to have my pair of shoe to be the forefront of my Athlete's success.

After all, this is what my company has been doing since the day it started.

So have a look at the picture closer, and tell me what you see?

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