A crazy men once told me, success is when you're being labeled. Sound stupid at that moment, but now..... This is me..

Yes what I do for living is pretty complicated. Im a marketer for sports. With no guidebook nor bible or right or wrong to do my job. So how do you measure my success in Sports Maketing?

And yes i wear a varsity jacket, a big tee, camo shorts & a Jordan to work everyday. And yes, no one take me seriously, because im not wearing your so called #powersuits to work, nor i do not seat in the office in front of the computer, nor i carry a backpack then a leather laptop bag, nor i earn alot of money, drive big car. And yes watching football matches is part of my job. Im not here to be like you!

This is what i am..

Is always my nature to search for my personal potential, always a dreamer. A dream that drives me to live, a dream that motivates me to move, to push harder, and a dream to one day to inspired others.

I live my life with these 3 strong words, TEACH, MOTIVATE & INSPIRE. I apply these to all part of my life. Constant searching for the Sound of Victory, and hope one day my story will be heard.

Giving a pair of shoe to an athlete has continually made me think, how do it make him faster, stronger, bolder?

How do we bring out the athlete, the company, the brand, the sports, the community, the nation?

How do we inspire the next generation?

How do we bring out the dreamer in us?

As sports marketer dedicated to the future needs of athlete, the constant investment of resources, technology & knowledge are needed to deliver back to the sport & our nation.

This make me stop and consider who should provide the excess to sports for future generation? Who should be responsible for the future athletes of the nation? Who should maintain and set the standard of the future sports? Who should find a better way to grow a successful sports marketing in the company?

A company become an example; become an inspiration, which open the nation mind to open the potential which we all have to be improved. Just like in sports, every new challenge create new discovery.

I been through the hardship in life, but eventually I take the responsibility of the "Facts of Life", I was determined to make a difference. Just that I believe in heroes & dreams, I also believe in the power of Human Potentials to overcome any obstacle, even those seem impossible.

So this is me, constant searching for personal growth till the day I found my "Sound of Victory"


cynthia said...

YOU GO YIK! Mighty proud of ya!

Average Joe's said...

Thanks thia thia