This is why i love Vimeo, came a cross this awesome documentary by La Blogotheque.. What im trying to figure out from their French web page is "what do they do".. sorry! cant seem to translate it to english from my mac.. But from the look of it, the are a bunch of French music video producer mashing around documentaries for their fans..

And yes indeed, on their latest episode they included Joe's favourite Phoenix.. I love how all their figured artist's episode are live performance on a location.. Like on this Phoenix episode, they are acoustic-ing around in their native Paris.. Enjoy!

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SIDE NOTE: Band have announce their 2nd visit to the land down under.. Lock your dates down joe's

March 1: Convention Centre, Brisbane ,Q.
March 2: Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, NSW.
March 5: Festival Hall, Melbourne, V.
March 6: Belvoir Amphitheatre, Perth, WA.

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