Water Water Joe's

More picture from our Average Beach Trip 2009 at Tenggol Island Kuala Terengganu

A world by its own.. Photo shoot by an under water disposable camera!

Post by: Average himself


Stanley said...

Awesome, I really like how polaroid the style turned out to be. I have yet to explore underwater photography. Nice job =D

EVo said...

whoaaaa dude! that's so average wei. but i tell u what's more average...deep sea diving! when wana get license? or u ady have one?

Average Joe's said...

Thanks Stan.. i love polaroid effects.. we have the difficult time balancing under water since the undercurrent was so strong at Tenggol! Thank God it came out nicely!

Yea Evo thats so Average!! No we dun have a diving license! havent explore all the surface corals yet.. Soon i gues.. u hav 2 join us next year k!

QueenSLeen said...

niceeeeeeee pics!!