Average Joe's Life Episode 3

Everything have to come to an end, this is our last episode for our wonderful Average Beach trip 2009.

This year we took a gamble on a location we never heard it before, this result to an Average resort, beautiful carols & a whole lots of fun.

*Is not the location, is about the company. We Average Joe's always stick together*

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Average Joe's Life Episode 3 - Surprise Birthday Cake from Average Joe on Vimeo.

What's next year gonna be? You have to wait and see! Planning start NOW!

That's so Average

Posted by: Average himself


Choo Choo Train said...

The music is GREAT and loving the EPISODE 3...
Cant believe it is finishing...I want MOOREEEE>>>

jeremy said...

man u put modest mouse in that video. not really appropriate for the occasion dont u think.

jeremy said...

i have been a fan of the underground alternative music scene for a long time (since 1999) and at the time when "tower records" or "rock corner" were stocking up the top 10 pop album of the us... i was doing my shopping on amazon.com.

from what i gather, you guys seem to be fun loving folks who teamed up to contribute to materials onto this blog. very nice. at the same time, i do notice that you guys are really into fashion and it does occur to me that indie is in the mode now. it used to be hip-hop. and now its indie. whatever.

tell me something, have u guys heard any of modest mouse's previous albums? "building nothing out of something", "the moon and the antartica" or even "the long drive" album. not only that, lets talk about other bands. most indie geeks i know love neutral milk hotel. if this prompts you to download a few of their tracks for a quick listen and for a smart reply to show you earned your stripes.. then whatever.

what irks me about all of this is the fact that you guys were into the hip hop scene 3 years ago and now... you guys are quirky/ pseudo intellectual.

anyhooo a quick tip. don't just download tracks from UK top 20s. watch movies. if any of the tracks tingle your heartstrings... wait for the credits, get the song, and like every good pirate, download and share it. while i'm glad people are appreciating these bands much more now, i shudder to think where your support will be when disco music is back in fashion.

Average Joe's said...

haha ChooChoo theres more video coming out soon.. Wait for the Joepisode!

Jeremy thanks for stopin by.. i personally love the song the world at large.. we still really much into hip-hop.. nothing in particular just good music! thanks for the great tips on those indie songs..

We Average Joe's are really much together all the time.. Stay tune for more Average stuff.. cheers