Nike Test 3: 30 days Nike Lunar Glide +

Average himself & I believe in Amanda Choe just got some Awesome Nike LunarGlide +

A whole new lightweight runners with an innovative mid-sole design architecture called ‘Dynamic Support’, a patent-pending system which adapts with each step, providing superior cushioning and stability.

We just completed a short 1km++ run around, all i can say: it is super light which allow me to track my momentum. Plus with the new technology 'Dynamic Support' i can feel the mad cushioning & stability every step i made.

We Average Joe no professional on running, but Amanda Choe and i decided to test on the durability of those LunarGlide.

The Mission is to rock it everywhere we go for 30days. Yes every single day, for class, drinks, workout, futsal and even to work (sorry boss i have to do this). So bear with us on our daily LunarGlide tweets & please look down at our feets when you bum into us..

"This is so Average" Mad props to Nike Malaysia

Posted by: Average himself


smashpOp said...

yo! got mine too! ahha check it out

Average Joe's said...

Love your pink cortez.. with a vintage touch.. dope.. so Kinz turn u into a sneakerhead too.. he's crazy..

Rocking those glide everyday.. mad comfy.. btw love ur site.. wicked!

*pandaaa said...

Yo. Gonna deck out in LunarGlides tonight! Day01!

QueenSLeen said...


how is it so far?

my toes are purple from running. using a pair of new balance.

don't know if it's the shoe or me...

kaka... how much is a pair?

Average Joe's said...

Babe is gotta be the shoe la.. girls Lunarglides is grey base with orange midsole in colour.. come ill bring you go buy.. only 399.. worth it.. so am i seein u in King of the road?

QueenSLeen said...


come come, let's go check out !

but quite broke.... can try try first.

nah, i wanted to join... but then i'll be in perhentian.

the bubu trip :p

Average Joe's said...

Oh i got good idea.. since ur going perhentian rite.. can i recomand u to Aqua Socks.. trust me.. with all the coral there.. safety on ur feets is really important..

btw check out amandachoe & i rocking those babies for 30days yea..

QueenSLeen said...

hahahaha ok, bila nak shoe shopping ?

i used to have one deep purple one long long time ago....

but i nvr tried it at the beach!

eh... you running for king of the road?

Anonymous said...

great article. I would love to follow you on twitter.

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