Nike Test 2: Nike Aqua Sock Review

As you know we just came back from our annual Average Beach Trip, that means the Reviews are back!

We Average Joe have been to most of the beautiful beaches around our lovely country Malaysia, every single island have their own specialty. But what we found out that most beaches in Malaysia have the similar problem *Dead corals*

With the excitement of running toward the water on a hot day at the beach, looking out for dead corals around the shore is a must..
Solution, a pair of beach shoe will do fine. I not talking about your budget K-Mart, Coles, Big W type of beach shoe. Im talking about durability, style & performance.

Wait no more, the new Nike Summer wear provide us some of the most practical yet stylist gears for our all year long summer season.

ACG aqua socks *Joe's favvy*
Come with extra supporting straps, it gave me full support when im swimming under the sea. Plus perfect shoe for beach volley ball & soccer. Come with the Classic ACG logo on the top and grey base with blue mid soles. *Perfect*

Plus point, it rocks well with any occasion, i was basically wearing it everywhere i go now..

Aqua socks
Fit & feel like your wearing an actual socks. Feather light allows you to run around without feeling anything on your feet.
It comes with 3 different colourwave:

And the best part of it.. Is all affordable.. Trust me you need it when you're at the beach..
*Better be Safe then Sorry*

To my surprrise, i was trying out Nike own boardshort. *Yes Nike have boardshort too* Not to compare with your common surf wear brands, i highly recommend it.

It is little longer on the length area, but it does give you more protection when you falls on your knee during a volley ball or soccer session. Also it takes a little long to dry, but hey you're at a beach thats not gonna hurt anyone. Plus it cost way cheaper then getting a Aussie brands boardshort. Wicked! Thanks Nike

Posted by: Average himself


Stanley said...

Damn cool lah wei! Isit around 150 bucks?

Average Joe's said...

180 with the strap & 100 for those aqua socks.. go buy go buy.. worth it.. Now the whole Average crews are rocking those on the beach.. Peace!