Same Same but Shooting Range

Okay enough of all the VOTE in America & our Amanda 31.. Lets go back to Cambodia.. okay okay i noe ur all r bored of me talking bout how awesome is Angkor Wat.. But i gotta post this..

Same Same but Shooting Range..
I think one of our main decision to go Angkor Wat is.. PEOPLE say u can actually shoot cows there.. Yea yea for real.. a friend's friend actually pay US$100 for a bazooka bullet & 1 cow.. & u gotta shoot at it.. Thats so Average.. Not the cow but shooting a bazooka.. i never thou in my life i would ever do that..

Anyway wen we were there.. Bazooka bullet run out.. Thanks God for the cows.. hahaha

Wat an experience ill say.. 1st we try the AK47 then Sniper.. to be honest.. AK47 was so freaking heavy.. make me wonder how the hell did all those soldiers carryin it while running dodging bullets..

Mess with the Best... Die with the Rest..

Firing a real life gun is totally an experience i cant explain in words.. they bring u to a dark room where u can only see the target board in the end of the room.. Plus with a weird smile & sparking light tune hanging along the room.. It just make u scare..

Fire in the hole

This is our final hit.. good huh..

Sorry little carried away..

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