Okay Main announcement:
Our own Ms. Amanda Choe is one of the Female Magazine '50 most gorgeous people'.. Why am i not surprize.. Average Joe's are a brunch of Gorgeous People..

So plz go vote for her.. VOTE 31 Amanda Choe..
Step: real easy.. SMS: FM50G ur name & IC then why u vote for her.. Then sent to 33668.. Easy Pisy..

Okay okay .. Let me start Reason to VOTE 31..
Wat an unhealthy Saturday i had... All the Average Joe have their own stuff to do.. so leave me & Ms. VOTE 31 to do our usual Average Saturday.. Sun tanning, Happy hour & shopping.. The Sun was totally playing on us.. but that always nice to have lunch next to the pool under a hot sun.. Sun tanning wasn't satisfying.. so we heading to Mid valley for some happy hour & shopping... OMG totally regret doing that.. ill say..

Toy's R us.. nowadays toys r getting more creative & more expensive.. Did u know star wars Lego can go up to 3 thousand dollars.. make me wonder how do parents these days affort to buy for thier kids.. BTW Star Wars is Ms.VOTE 31 Favvy.. Anyway love going to Toy's R us just to go crave on toys that i know i cant affort..

Love those Lego Batman..

As ur all noe halloween is just around the corner.. halloween costume is hitting Toy's R us in bundle.. Not surprise all came in a real nice price.. Like wat people says.. if u cant affort it.. enjoy it while u can.. sorry we got carried away... hehehe
This is why u have to VOTE for her...

The next Malaysia Idol

Red Devil

Miss little Halloween

Rambo Choe.. Impersonator of Average himself


She is a true Average Joe.. VOTE 31
Posted by: Average himself


*pandaaa said...


*pandaaa said...

Oh crap. I wasn't done with that comment. This post is damn funny. OhMyGod. That stupid sherrif mask was killer. You couldn't stop laughing!
Thansk for the post, Average Pumpkin Patch Kid!

Rambo Choe

Average Joe's said...

Hahaha... I believe in Amanda... Do you?

Vote 31...

Rambo Choe i think u should sent some of this pic to female mag.. hahaha... or can i?

Anonymous said...

31 it is! hehe.

Anonymous said...

Yo there from shanghai!

Unknown said...

VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR 31... All the way from Bali & Shanghai...

See pak sek.. u got support all around the world...