Average Urbanscapes

Okay.. So is been awhile seen i last enjoy myself on the weekend wif My besties..

So for last weekend the Original Average Joe's headed down to The Klue Urbanscapes at the KL Pac.. A perfect Saturday for some Junkyards Sales / creative Art festival.. The word on the street they having some music performance too.. but we didnt manage to attend that.. too busy looking for 1 of a kinds junks.. All of us did manage to purchase sumthing.. Just love spending my weekend looking for creative art & vintage stuff..

The sucky part is we didnt realise is an outdoor event.. so all of us come wif our sunnies, teez, jeans & havainas.. OMG it so hot there.. should of just come wif basketball jersey & short.. lil of sun tanning session hahaha...

Lucky theres some art exhibition in the convention centre for all of us to cool down wif some Air condition @ toilets... Honestly real creative pieces of art they hav there..

They call it the Tapao man..

Ultraman Meet


This giv me a really good idea for my room... mmmm

All Wayfarer boys in chorus..

Encounted this awesome Mug shot backdrop by Mooks
Come with a "I Mooked by the Fashion Police" boards..

Mooked by Fashion Police:

1st Mug shot:
Name: Pretty Boy
Cell No: AJPD 10101-2588
Crime: Winner of the Cloe Bachelor of the year
Do time: 3years

2nd Mug Shot:
Name: Ms. PPPrincess
Cell No: AJPD 10101-3357
Crime: Got a new Job
Do Time: 24 months

3rd Mug Shot:
Name: Latinoheat
Cell No: AJPD 10101 1508
Crime: Fracture his ligament
Do Time: 18 months

4th Mug Shot:
Name: Ms. Ally
Cell No: AJPD10101 1110
Do Time: 12 months

5th Mug Shot:
Name: Average himself
Cell No: AJPD 10101 0110
Crime: Being Average
Do Time: 12 months

Average present u my Wicked Joe's

Really Lapsap pretty boy

Latinoheat & his Ms. Ally making their urban walk..

Ms. PPPrincess just being cute

The real deseparate Housewife.. Sun tanning on top of a small hill..

A real Saturday of Fun... Definately so Average

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