Average Bali

Okay.. As promise to our Ms Jane & Ms Michelle.. i gotta post our pass "Average Bali trip".. So this is wat i mean by Balinese.. Okay so this post im not gonna write bout in words.. but ill just let the pics do the talking.. & 6 rules to consider an Average Holiday.. haha

6 Rules of an Average Holiday:

okay 1st rule of an Average holiday:
1. Cheap accommodation. Normally we look for a tradition "No Star" resort.. or u can be like us which we stay near to the 1st bombing area.. haha.. real cheap
As u can see.. we actually stayed in the 1st bombing area.. next to our hotel theres an ornament of the victims from the 1st bombing.. RIP

2nd rule of an Average Holiday: look for a place where theres a huge pool.. we wont know how the weather gonna be like.. so at least theres a back up plan for swimming..

3rd rule of an Average Holiday: The rooms gotta be as near as possible to the pool.. So all night drinkin session can be at the side of the pool..

Pool side drinkin place..

Side Walk

Resort Cafetaria..

A detail view of the balinese Pool

4th rule of Average Holiday: Destination of the Average holiday have to be lots of Cultural stuff to look at..

"i aint say she a gold digger"
Headed to a gold maker.. Manage to see how they make diamond & gold rings..

5th Rule of an Average Holiday: Long distance ride to a certain place.. is always fun to travel far to look at the awesome cultural stuff.. Yes we did a long 2 hours ride just to see this

"The roof is on Fire"
OMG we visited a burn temple.. & honestly is the most beautiful thing ever.. Let the pic do the talk yea..
It all Started with a long ass narrow ride.. but the scenery is breath taking..

1 thing i love bout Bali is where every u got theres always hav an ornament..

The entrance to the burn temple.. dun u just wish u hav grass like that in ur house..

The 6th Rule of an Average Holiday: Funny things that we have to do..

The coolest thing EVER.. at the entrance every visitors must wear a Sarong b4 entering.. I think is for the repect of the culture.. *Look how cute is Latinoheat*

This is wat it look like in the burn temples..

haha.. so wat u guys think about it... izzit time to pack our stuff & head there..

Definately 1 Average trip..

Posted by: Average himself


andrew said...

Looks like you really had an awesome average trip! I can imagine all the booze and pool water you guys consumed! Babi Guling!

Average Joe's said...

haha.. Amen for that Gingerfish..
takan work all year round??
Heard the Ninjas heading to Melaka soon.. enjoy yea..