Average Long Food Weekend

Okay i bet every1 really enjoy ur long weekend.. bet lots of ppl taking ur break out of the country.. Not for me thou.. Did manage to have a food maniac long weekend for myself.. it all started..

Friday.. As usual went company claims comes out.. Me & Latinoheat will head straight to SUMO for dinner & cheap happy hours.. i dun think Latino realise himself.. but we never miss it.. "Claims outs.. head to SUMO" Normally ended up real drunk.. but not for this week.. But ill have to say Sumo do hav real good sushi wif good price too.. my personal favvy Boston Maki.. Latino will never miss his garlic rice.. & Ms Ally new found love "the Curry Udon".. People if u hav the chance to be at Sumo.. "Thats the Average Recommend"..

Saturday.. As usual our routine sun tanning at Mont Kiara.. Seriously still dun think im tann enough.. Try stop me.. haha.. After that more food.. ended up at Fridays for a late lunch.. Recommend Friday's Cajun Fried Chicken Salad.. Awesome ill say.. Till the sun is down.. i had a dinner plan wif our Ms. Froggie.. i brou her to my family favvy Italian restaurant.. La Risata which located at Jalan Kasah Damansara Height.. Just love the food there.. Home made receipe with quality over quantity.. Try there garlic pizza starter.. is Awesome.. i gues Froggie will agree with me.. Oh & found out sumthin nice too.. Scallop wif Mushroom pasta.. "This is nice".. thats the first thing froggie say after she hav her 1st taste.. haha.. should of stay long for wine..

Sunday.. Manage to do lil shopping wif Ms Ally at Bangsar.. Which cut short due to Mr. Bachelor who wanted to ride to Ms. Jane House BBQ.. Me & Ms. Ally r so excited to meet her.. Which she came back a month back & didnt even call us.. Thanks.. nway i had a great time catching.. Nothing beat a good self made BBQ dinner.. Starting fire, standing in front of the hot pit wif a cold beer & waiting for the lamb to be done.. Just the best time to do some catch up wif old buddies.. To bad Latinoheat didnt make it..

Oh yea.. Ms Yenz did manage to pop by after her long flight back from Doha.. & she never forget her goodies bag too.. We all love you for that.. Appreciated..
Love the Batman vintage art piece.. Definately goin straight to my new house..

Oh finally a perfect condition Alsolut Disco ball.. Thanks.. Wait & see what i do wif it yea..

Oh yea.. for all those who r interested in the great creation.. go pick up a copy of the latest Sole Collector: Jordan Edition

They have stories about every pair of Jordan ever made.. real interesting bible to hav for all sneaker lovers..

Monday Wesak Day.. Bachelor & i head to the temple to do some oil lamping session.. honestly both of us is like the only person come in bball jerseys & shorts.. Mum hav2 bitch about it the whole morning.. saying it is not right to show so much skin.. oh yea surprisely is freaking hot there.. So mum who having the last laugh?

Went over Groovy Sushi or Sushi Groove for some lunch.. love the ambience there.. lil cozy feeling.. Not a big fan of thier food but at least they greet u "Groovy" everytime u enter the restaurant..
For those who havent been to Desa Park City.. u gotta go check it out.. it really remind me of Frementle at Perth.. Meet up some old buddies for Sushi *Again* at Rakuzen Waterfront.. all the shops surrounding the park.. Is really a good place to bring ur dates.. Just a place u can have a nice dinner then walk around looking out for stars.. haha.. Now i sound like our pretty boy.. Which by the way.. thanks for coming over to spy on me..

Okay.. Let me post how those kids do it these days.. WDYWT.. Love me new phone case.. damn..

Been looking for the handphone case for ages.. cant affort my Gucci print..

Posted by: Average himself


Anonymous said...

hey mate. can i know wat jordan is that?

Average Joe's said...

Hahaha... is a jordan 5 fire red
Awesome shoe to rock wif skinnies jean..

Anonymous said...

aren't those are AJ 3 fire red? seems like AJ3 to me tho

Average Joe's said...

haha.. is a Fire red 5.. fire red 3 have cement toe & heels.. ;-)